Class Descriptions

If you are booking less than an hour before a class email us at so that we can make sure there is a space and to book you into the class.

All Levels Vinyasa Flow

This class is the perfect mid-day pick me up that will leave you ready to tackle the rest of your day.  This heat building practice will mindfully move you through strength and balance on your mat.  Modifications are gien to allow students to practice according to their needs.

Vinyasa Flow Basics

This class is great for beginners as well as seasoned yogi's.  This flow class focuses on movement, breath, and most of all fun!  This class offers students an opportunity to gain an understanding of yoga postures and their connection to the breath.  Modifications are given allowing students to choose either a more basic class or a more advanced class according to their needs.  You will leave class feeling connected, clear, and 


All-Levels Wednesdays With Donnie 

This midweek, unheated class will quickly become your favorite.  This important focus will prepare you for movement and poses designed to cultivate your connection inside.  No previous yoga experience necessary.

Yoga For Busy People

Join Sarah for a 45-minute yoga flow designed for those of us who only have a small window to squeeze in a yoga practice for the day. You’ll get the quick flow you need to pick you up, and then get back on your way. Perfect for all levels, no experience necessary.  

Feel Good Friday Yoga

Ease into your weekend during this lunch time practice.  Release the stress of your week while enjoying thoughtful class sequencing while paying attention to the breath and the body.  You will leave with a feeling of freedom and fulfillment.

Sundays with Sarah

This $5.00 drop-in class is the perfect way to end your weekend.  Sarah will lead you through an hour long practice in a flowing three mountain format.  This practice creates a connection with our bodies and breath. This class is perfect for all levels and options are given for the poses.  

Let it Go, Let it Flow with Kasey

Turn off the mind, allow the breath and  body to guide you, and discover your own natural rhythm.  Enjoy poses ranging from slow and controlled, to swift and aerobic.  Beginner friendly, with focus on aignment and purpose of poses.  Advanced poses (arm balances, inversions) will be explored when applicable.

Hatha Fundamentals

Hatha yoga is the overarching seed for most modern styles of yoga. The purposes of Hatha yoga are purification, balance, and awakening. In this class, repetition and longer holds of postures will allow for an emphasis on alignment, creating strength, stability and stamina. The physical practice is joined with breathing and meditation techniques to expand and balance inner energy. This class is designed for all levels.

Prenatal Yoga with Audtry

Prenatal Yoga is a great way to prepare your body for the changes it goes through during pregnancy, as well as, connecting with other mothers-to-be.  This class will guide you through poses designed around your changing body.  The class will end with a  lovely meditation that will leave you relaxed and renewed.  This class is a 4-week series.  (unheated)

The studio is heated between 78 and 83 degrees unless otherwise specified.